Educational background

On here you'll be able to read my complete education. Also for my own reference. It is entirely possible not every course or skill has been correctly translated. I hope the intention isn't lost on the reader however.

University College Nordjylland, Electronic/Technology

2009 — 2011

UCN Aalborg from 2009 to 2011 at IT-technology. I had merits from AAU to skip the first half year.

Key areas

  • Electronic Systems
  • Embedded Systems
  • Electronics technology, -design, and manufacturing engineering and -management.

Knowledge about

  • Communication, interface and programming methods
  • Innovation, project management and understanding business
  • Advisory and consultancy functions and technical mathematics

The final project was for Create it REAL, developing a electronics platform. Checking up on this in 2016, many of the elements I picked for v1.0 are still around. I can't answer why the power button is on the board and not pulled out like the reset button. It would certainly make sense if the power button could also be pulled out.

Aalborg Universitet, Electronics

2006 — 2008, cancelled

AAU Aalborg from 2006 to 2008 at Department of Electronic Systems. The last semester project I did was a platformsystem for AAUSAT3.

While it was a good education institution, the education itself was not what I had expected. Looking back I would have picked Computer Sciences instead.

List of courses, roughly translated ;-)

  • EMC correct design
  • Microcomputer hardware
  • Microcomputer software
  • Structured system development
  • MatLab
  • Technology, Human and Society (Teknology, Menneske og Samfund)
  • Collaboration, Learning and Project management

HTX Randers

2003 — 2006

Tradium HTX Randers from 2003 to 2006. The US version is graduated high school and for the UK folks GCSE.

I'm not as photogenenic as a puppy as I had imagined when looking back at these.


1992 — 2003

Vestervanggskolen in Randers from 1992 (preschool class/0th grade, 1st in 1993) to 9th grade in 2003.

Some horribly hilarious class photos from this time.