My portfolio page

This page contains some of the things I've worked on. For a more complete image, kindly see my CV/resumé.

Laravel 5.1 based Shipping system

The previous system was Built for Java 1.4 and the customer required a modern, easily maintained and extendable webbased system.

The initial challenge was migrating the database where relationships between tables were not based on integer ids, but used strings. As an example for referencing a certain vessel along with its owner a voyage would use "Smarty¤DS-Norden" where Smarty would reference the vessel table's nameOfVessel column and DS-Norden referenced vessel table's name column along with the owner table's name column.

Unreal Engine 4

I've been following the development of Unreal Engine 4 since its release to the public. In April 2016, I started working and learning the fundamentals of the 3D engine for reaching different goals, like creating simple computer graphic shaders for example a system for making characters have markings and colors by use of linear interpolation.
Simple in-browser demo here.

In May 2016 I started having a working understanding of how Inverse Kinematics (IK) was done.
Simple in-browser IK demo here.

I am currently working on creating the armature for a model and adding animations my test character. The links will be updated as it is being developed.

The demos may require a 64-bit browser. A 64-bit OS won't be enough. The browser has an issue with mouse speed that isn't present in a desktop game client, so try to use arrow keys to navigate until I resolve the mouse issue. F3 and F4 locks and unlocks the camera.
Hosted at GitHub.


FoxyProxy is, in short, a company proving proxy servers and award winning browser addons. At FoxyProxy I have worked on their Firefox and Chrome addons by improving usability and coding.

Try the little icon demo to the left here. I drew the icon in Inkscape and coded scripts for the browser allowing showing the user their active or last used proxy.

Keeping IT Open

"Impressive Title"

KITO is an opensource resource and a community I have built up since 2011 by assisting in the creation of selfhosted mmo role playing games my users have been able to compile themselves using Visual Studio 2013. As a result I'm proud to know many new future coders.

To this day over 100 custom games have been created with the source provided and tens of thousands of users play on. Today I maintain the community and I have found many new creative friends I can depend on.
Hosted at GitHub.

On 31st of May 2016, the Google Analytics reports the site has 9.860 sessions monthly and 7.872 users the last 6 month. 85% returning users and 15% new users. The site has a bounce rate (single page visits) of 29.35%.